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    *OPEN* - Admin Applications [READ ME[

    :geek: :geek:
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    AE Graphics

    Items Ordered: Still Sig Text: LBecks 1 Secondary Text: N/A Artist: Santan Dave Add ons: anything you think looks good just let me know price Skype: You have. (Lewisbecks) PayPal Name: Lewis Beckwith Paid?: not yet Proof of Payment: Will send on Skype
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    VFL Scotland | Nations League

    Gonna be hard for the Scotland manager to sort out these applications 9 pages
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    decent bud
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    England Application - S47 Euros

    Gamertag: LBecks 1 Main Position: GK Secondary Position: N/A Season 46 Team: Celtic Discord username: Lewis #2550 How are you eligible for England?: Yeh, born here Your current England caps: None Availability for 23rd & 25th of Feb: Yes i can Availability for the Tournament (Weekends commencing...
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    VFL England Trials 20th-23rd *Updated*

    23/12/20 Team A - 21:00 - 22:00 Confirm
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    VFL England - Application Thread - Closes 24/12/20

    GT: LBecks 1 Position(s): GK Skype/Discord: LBecks 1 / Lewis#2550 How do you qualify?: Born here S45 Team: Tranmere Availability (19th Dec-3rd Jan): All days mate
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    VFL Ireland S46-Application thread

    Good luck Jim
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    England trials - UPDATED

    23/11/2020 Team B (8PM-9PM) confirm
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    Three lions on our shirt !! - England's Euro application

    GT? LBecks 1 1st Pos? GK 2nd Pos? N/A Caps? 0 How you qualify ? Born here Skype? lbecks1 Discord? Lewis#2550 Days you can't make ? All days
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    Congrats Tranmere

    Mon the Tranmere, Well played lads
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    VFL England Nations League Trialing Thread

    GT : LBecks 1 Position : Keeper Skype (MUST HAVE) : LBecks 1 Availability between 27th and the 2nd : Yeh How you qualify for England : I was born here
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    VFL England - Trialling thread - Closed

    GT: LBecks 1 Position(s): GK Skype/Discord: LBecks 1 / Lewis#2550 How you qualify for England: was born here
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    Congrats Ajax

    I signed late and we didn’t lose a game in the league since I joined and I played 7 relax
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    Congrats Ajax

    you dont know lad just chill and enjoy loosing buddy @xConzey